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BREATHSCAN .02 Alcohol Breath Testing Kit


BREATHSCAN .02 Alcohol Breath Testing Kit
(50 Tests)
The BreathScan detector, a disposable breath alcohol indicator designed for one time use, provides an accurate measure of the alcohol present in the exhaled breath of the test subject. (FDA 510K#: K060761) ***This test is FDA Cleared and approved for CLIA waived labs! It is not approved for home diagnostic testing. NOTE: All employers, schools and criminal justice programs using these drug tests should indicate their business name when checking out to avoid any delays in order processing.***

FDA-Cleared / CLIA Waived



The fast, easy and portable way to help detect* the presence of alcohol on someone's breath.
  • 4 steps to complete, 2 minutes to obtain results
  • Single-Use, disposable device that's small enough to fit in your pocket
Alcohol is America's #1 drug
  • Over 65% of all substance abuse is related to alcohol
  • Alcohol is involved in at least 50% of all highway fatalities
  • Every 33 minutes an American dies in an alcohol-related crash
  • 30% of all hospital admissions are alcohol-related
  • 65% of kids who start drinking by age 15 will end up trying illegal drugs.

Given the negative affect that alcohol can have on the public's health and safety, alcohol screening tests, like BreathScan®, can help prevent individuals who use alcohol improperly from creating undo harm to themselves and others. BreathScan® Detectors are available in the following Breath Alcohol Levels: .02%, .04%, .05% and .08%